Upload of large files (> 100 MB) via WebDAV on Windows 7 is failing when upload takes longer than 30 Minutes


Jonny again, this Time I want to tell you a little bit about the Web Client Service (WebDAV) on Windows 7 SP1. Consider the following Scenario:
You are working from your Home Office connected to your ISP for Internet access. You are finished with your work and want to upload your Data to a
IIS 7.5 WebDav Share over HTTP(S) that your co workers can access the Data. You start the upload, you see the Progress Bar moving very quick to
the end and stay's there. After 30 minutes you receive the following Error :
Error: 0x80070079 The semaphore timeout period has expired

What happend? You check if the Internet connection is broken => nop, it is not
then you check if your connection from the PC to the Router is broken => nop, it is not

in Short: you check every possible cause but everything works fine and you are going crazy, but don't give up

the Problem is:

1. The Progress Bar moves very fast but the upload takes long time is due to Web Client is copying the file to the WebDAV TFS (WebDAV Temp Files) Store on the Client
and uploads it from there to the IIS WebDAV Share.

2. the bigger issue is that you click on repeat and after 30 minutes the same error occurs

the Cause is the Timeout for upload over Web Client is by default 30 minutes.

The Solution is to modify the following Registry Key in minutes to a higher Timeout:

DWORD: FsCtlRequestTimeoutInSec

Ok, but now your coworker is working in teh Home office just like you, he want's to download the file from the IIS Server to his HDD on Windows 7 SP1

using the Web Client and also get's Errors like:

"Cannot Copy FileName: Cannot read from the source file or disk"

Copy Folder

An unexpected error is keeping you from copying the folder. If you continue to receive this error, you can use the error code to search for help with this problem.

Error 0x800700DF: The file size exceeds the limit allowed and cannot be saved.

<file name>

Try again Cancel

Oh men, how to fix this?

again, don't give up, the cause is a 50 MB download Limit on Windows 7 SP1 for Web Client and yes, we have a Registry Key where we can raise the Limit, Huhu :)

Just Modify the following Registry Entry in bytes:

DWORD: FileSizeLimitInBytes
Default is 50000000 bytes.

Now you are ready to upldoad and download bigger Files by using the WebDAV (Web Client Service) over HTTP(S)

Hope this helps

by Jonny