Event ID 56417 may be logged on Lync server 2013 intermittently

Hi again,


I dealt with a Lync server 2013 problem recently where the server was intermittently logging event ID 56417 in the Lync server event log:


- <System>

  <Provider Name="LS Data Collection" />

  <EventID Qualifiers="51423">56417</EventID>




  <TimeCreated SystemTime="2013-05-10T12:16:51.000000000Z" />


  <Channel>Lync Server</Channel>


  <Security />


- <EventData>

  <Data>QoE Adaptor</Data>

  <Data>System.IO.InvalidDataException: Invalid input. EndPoint is null. at Microsoft.Rtc.Server.UdcAdapters.QoE.PackReport.Pack(VQReportEventType report, LyncMessageDetails msgDetails, DBQoEReport dbReport) at Microsoft.Rtc.Server.UdcAdapters.QoE.QoEProcessor.ProcessMessageForStore(LyncMessageDetails msgDetails) at Microsoft.Rtc.Server.UdcAdapters.QoE.QoEProcessor.ProcessQueueItems(LyssQueueItem queueItem)</ Data>





Based on the error description, we expect the event to be logged when there’s a problem with an incoming QoE report sent by an UC endpoint. We collected a number of logs from the Lync server including SIPStack/S4 logs, event logs and a network trace. Such QoE reports are sent with a SIP SERVICE command to the FE server (and then from FE server to Monitoring server):


- You can filter them with VQReportEvent keyword while checking the SIPStack log with snooper:




There were some QoE reports sent around the time of the 56417 event with some non-English characters but I wasn’t able to establish a direct tie between this and the event being logged. But after with some further troubleshooting, we found out (with the help of one of my colleagues) that the error was logged especially when the Server language format was set to non US English format. After the language format was changed to US English, the issue was resolved:


Hope this helps