August 2011 cumulative time zone update for Windows operating systems

As part of our on going maintenance of worldwide time zones within Windows, the August 2011 Cumulative Update has now been released.  This update supersedes and replaces update 2443685, which was released in December 2010, and includes changes to time zones and DST transitions that were released in interim updates since that last cumulative update.

This update is currently available via the Microsoft Download Centre, but is expected to be included in the Windows Update stream on August 23rd, 2011 (Aug 24th in Australia).

Details can be found at the following KB article and via M3’s blog, and an announcement is underway for the DST blog.

This update contains the following changes to time zones since the last Cumulative Update was released:

Turkey Standard Time: New time zone created for varied DST transitions, plus "Istanbul" was removed from "(UTC+2:00) Athens, Bucharest, Istanbul"

Egypt Standard Time [Display Name "(UTC+2:00) Cairo"]: Egypt has canceled daylight saving time

Pacific SA Standard Time [Display Name "(UTC-4:00) Santiago"]: sets the 2011 DST start and end date

Morocco Standard Time [Display Name "(UTC) Casablanca"]: sets the 2011 DST end date

Fiji Standard Time [Display Name "(UTC+12:00) Fiji"]: sets the 2011 DST end date

Samoa Standard Time [Display Name "(UTC-11:00) Samoa"]: sets the 2011 DST end time – does not include future transition to UTC+13

It also includes the following changes that have not been included in an interim release:

Time Zone changes and removal of DST across:

Russian Standard Time – now (UTC +4:00) Moscow, St Petersburg, Volgograd

Ekaterinburg Standard Time – now (UTC +6:00) Ekaterinburg

N. Central Asia Standard Time – now (UTC +7:00) Novosibirsk

North Asia Standard Time – now (UTC +8:00) Krasnoyarsk

North Asia East Standard Time – now (UTC +9:00) Irkutsk

Yakutsk Standard Time – now (UTC +10:00) Yakutsk

Vladivostok Standard Time – now (UTC +11:00) Vladivostok

Magadan Standard Time – now (UTC +12:00) Magadan

Kaliningrad Standard Time – new time zone (UTC+3:00) Kaliningrad that does not include DST.

Newfoundland Standard Time [Display Name "(UTC-3:30) Newfoundland"]: – updates the DST transition time.

Our standard time zone update deployment advice is that we recommend you regularly apply these updates across your environment to maintain consistency with both your desktop and server infrastructure.  Several important aspects to note are documented in KB 2570791 related to the impact on calendaring environments, and should be reviewed during your deployment planning.

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