Identity Lifecycle Manager (ILM) “2” Beta 3 Now Available!

Hi All,

On June 10, 2008, Microsoft announced the public beta 3 availability of Identity Lifecycle Manager “2” (ILM “2”) at Teched USA. ILM “2” provides organizations with software for policy-based management of identities, credentials, and resources across heterogeneous environments.

ILM “2” changes the current identity management landscape by delivering integrated solutions across platforms and audiences. ILM “2” will provide end-users with self-service identity management capabilities through integration with Office and SharePoint, and the developer community with extensibility through .NET and WS*. Identity is a critical part of our overall efforts to ensure a secure, well managed platform for customers and therefore a critical component of our Dynamic IT vision.

Empowers people by providing Office-based self-service tools and SharePoint admin console to manage identities providing greater productivity through faster time to resolution.

Delivers agility and efficiency, by reducing costs through automation and self-service while maximizing existing investments in Identity Infrastructure, and it integrates with familiar developer tools to enable new scenarios.

Improves security and compliance with integrated identity, credential, and access management, a rich permissions and delegation model and system auditing and compliance capabilities.

New features in ILM “2” include:

 Policy Management

· SharePoint-based console for policy authoring, enforcement and auditing

· Extensible WS– * APIs and Windows Workflow Foundation workflows

· Heterogeneous identity synchronization and consistency

Credential Management

· Heterogeneous certificate management with 3rd party Certificate Authorities

· Management of multiple credential types, including one-time passwords (OTP)

· Self-service password reset integrated with Windows logon

User Management

· Integrated provisioning of identities, credentials, and resources

· Automated user provisioning and de-provisioning

· Self-service profile management

Group Management

· Rich Microsoft Office-based self-service group management tools

· Offline approvals through Office (e.g. Outlook)

· Automated group and distribution list updates

Common Features

· NET Framework Workflow Foundation, connectors and published Web services APIs, synchronization and logging.

Resources to learn more about ILM “2”

To learn more, please visit the ILM “2” Beta 3 page for content such as a whitepaper, a webcast or a podcast, or download the beta by visiting Microsoft Connect, Enter invitation ID: ILM2-XHVV-MTRB.