Intelligent Application Gateway 2007

Microsoft's Intelligent Application Gateway (IAG) 2007 is a secure remote access solution. IAG 2007 can enable mobile and remote workers, business partners, and customers with easier and more flexible secure access from a broad range of devices and locations including kiosks, PCs, and mobile devices.

IAG 2007 White papers on

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Datasheets on

· IAG 2007 Product Datasheet

· Intelligent Application Optimizer for Outlook Web Access

· Intelligent Application Optimizer for SharePoint Portal Server

· Intelligent Application Optimizer for SAP Enterprise Portal

· Intelligent Application Optimizer for Mobile Access

Technical guidance on

· Virtual Lab: Forefront Edge Security and Access - Creating and Configuring IAG 2007 Portal Websites

· Virtual Machine evaluation of Microsoft Intelligent Application Gateway 2007 SP2

· IAG Service Pack 2 – Available as a Hyper V virtual hard disk only

· TechNet IAG Library

TechNet Webcasts

· Overview of Microsoft Edge Secure Access Technologies

· How to Define and Configure Endpoint Security Policies with the Intelligent Application Gateway

· Securing Remote Access to SharePoint Products and Technologies, Exchange Server, and Microsoft Dynamics

IAG 2007 Customer Case Studies

· IAG 2007: Information Control Corporation

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