Microsoft Introduces Data Protection Server

Industry Partners Demonstrate Broad Support for Microsoft Data Protection Server To Provide Customers With Rapid and Reliable Disk-Based Data Recovery

At the Storage Decisions 2004 conference, Microsoft Corp. announced it is entering the disk-based backup and recovery industry with Microsoft® Data Protection Server (DPS), a low-cost, continuous, disk-based backup and recovery solution. Designed to address the growing need for businesses of all sizes to easily recover data, Data Protection Server will simplify and reduce the backup and recovery process. DPS is designed to provide robust data protection for the Windows Server System (TM) family, reducing complexity and improving operational efficiency for Windows® customers. More than 20 storage industry partners today announced their support for Data Protection Server and their intent to work with Microsoft to provide customers with a broad choice of Windows-based storage solutions.

"Customers are telling us that backing up and recovering their data is labor-intensive and complex. Exponential growth of business-critical data and new government regulations are increasing the cost and complexity of backup and recovery, forcing companies to rethink their data protection planning," said Bob Muglia, senior vice president of the Windows Server (TM) Division at Microsoft. "Data Protection Server has garnered broad industry support because it will help customers of all sizes shrink their recovery time from hours to minutes and drive down the cost of maintaining storage infrastructures."

More About Microsoft Data Protection Server

Data Protection Server allows IT administrators to easily and affordably utilize existing Windows Server investments such as the Active Directory® service, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2003. Microsoft Data Protection Server provides three unique capabilities:

  • Rapid and reliable recovery through use of disk-based backup allows IT administrators and end users to recover data in minutes instead of hours.
  • Continuous, efficient protection allows data to be backed up without impacting IT infrastructure.
  • Integration with tape through a backup interface under development that is based on the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) API included in Windows Server 2003 will allow tape backup partners to address customer needs for backup and recovery in Windows-based environments.


Currently available in a private beta version, Microsoft Data Protection Server is scheduled to be generally available in the second half of 2005. More information on Data Protection Server is available at Microsoft Data Protection Server is part of the Windows Server System.