New Microsoft Premier Support Offering Provides Mission-Critical IT Support

Hi All,

Furthering its commitment to evolve its enterprise support offerings to align with customer needs, Microsoft Corp. today announced the worldwide availability of Premier Mission Critical Support, a new Microsoft Services Premier Support add-on. Premier Mission Critical Support provides enhanced support for mission-critical solutions through guaranteed response times backed by financial credits, round-the-clock access to expertise and prioritized access to product development teams.

The new service is part of Microsoft’s family of Premier Support offerings. Premier Mission Critical Support delivers personalized support coverage through designated support professionals who understand a customer’s unique solution configuration and deployment environment, facilitating faster response time and more effective problem resolution. Customers will have access to round-the-clock support coverage for high-severity incidents through a dedicated phone line and will always engage with a select team of experienced Microsoft support engineers.

“Customers told us they wanted Microsoft to help ensure that their mission-critical applications remain available and to help get their solutions up and running as fast as possible should they go down,” said Bryan Belmont, general manager, Support and Health for Microsoft Services. “Premier Mission Critical Support is evidence of our longstanding commitment to meeting our customers’ needs.”

In addition, Premier Mission Critical Support issues receive expedited access to the product development teams. This includes end-to-end incident management and ensures the fastest possible root cause identification. Support works with product teams to provide critical, on-demand patch production in severe situations.