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I’ve had a few queries over the last few weeks from customers asking for resources on Powershell and where to start. Here’s some free resources I found: -

Windows Server 2008 e-book offer

Microsoft Windows PowerShell command line shell and scripting language helps IT professionals achieve greater control and productivity. Using a new admin-focused scripting language, more than 130 standard command line tools, and consistent syntax and utilities, Windows PowerShell allows IT professionals to more easily control system administration and accelerate automation. Windows PowerShell is easy to adopt, learn, and use, because it works with your existing IT infrastructure and existing script investments, and because it runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2003. Windows PowerShell is now included as part of Windows Server 2008 and can be evaluated in Windows Server 2008 Beta 3. Exchange Server 2007, System Center Operations Manager 2007, System Center Data Protection Manager V2, and System Center Virtual Machine Manager also leverage Windows PowerShell to improve administrator control, efficiency, and productivity.

Free Windows PowerShell Book

Free book covering Windows PowerShell available via MSDN. Requires Windows Live registration.

Windows PowerShell on Hanselminutes (45 minute audio talk show)

Scott Hanselman interviews Windows PowerShell Architect Jeffrey Snover. Hanselminutes is a weekly audio talk show with web developer and technologist Scott Hanselman.

Windows PowerShell Getting Started Guide and Quick Reference

This documentation pack is essential reading for beginners and advanced Windows PowerShell users. The Getting Started Guide and Quick Reference sheet provide useful tips and references on how to use the interactive shell as well as how to write and migrate Windows PowerShell scripts. The pack also includes a 100+ page Windows PowerShell Primer covering many basic and advanced topics.

• Video Introductions of Windows PowerShell

A number of introductory video tutorials demonstrate the numerous capabilities of Windows PowerShell including Introduction to Windows PowerShell, Windows Vista and Windows PowerShell, and Windows PowerShell and IIS 7.


Brief Getting Started Overview of Windows PowerShell (15 min.)

Architect Evangelist David Aiken provides an introductory demonstration of Windows PowerShell covering help resources, basic command usage, formatting, working with objects, navigation of management information and security features.

TechNet Webcast: Next-Generation Command Line Scripting: Windows PowerShell (Level 300)

Jeffrey Snover provides an overview of Windows PowerShell for TechEd 2006.

Exchange Server 2007 Management Shell and Scripting (Level 300)

Join Vivek Sharma as he demonstrates the new command line and scripting interface (based on Microsoft Windows PowerShell) in Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. Learn tips and tricks for building scripts that you can use to automate small-, medium-, and enterprise-business scenarios.

TechNet Webcast: Mastering the Windows PowerShell Pipeline (Level 200)

In this webcast, we examine the Windows PowerShell pipeline and provide real-world examples of how Windows PowerShell enables you to complete time-saving administrative tasks directly from the command line without writing scripts.

TechNet Webcast: New Kid on the Scriptblock: Writing Scripts with Windows PowerShell (Level 200)

To automate tasks across tens, hundreds or thousands of computers or servers, Windows PowerShell requires an administrator to write a script. This webcast covers the basics of Windows PowerShell scripts.

TechNet Webcast: Object, Objects Everywhere: Working with Objects in Windows PowerShell (Level 200)

The ground-breaking innovation of Windows PowerShell is the ability to work with objects directly from the command line. Learn how to easily leverage the power of the .NET framework via Windows PowerShell.

The Microsoft Press Windows Server 2008 e-book offer includes excerpts from the following publications:

Introducing Windows Server 2008 (ISBN: 9780735624214),
by Mitch Tulloch with the Microsoft Windows Server Team

Microsoft Windows PowerShell Step by Step (ISBN: 9780735623958),
by Ed Wilson

Additional chapters from Introducing Windows Server 2008 will be added to the site periodically, so be sure to come back and read more from expert Mitch Tulloch and the Microsoft Windows Server Team. To access the e-book:

   1.  Go to: https://www.microsoftelearning.com/eLearning/enterCode.aspx

   2.  Enter the access code: 8083-B6X3-0547

   3.  Read and accept the End User License Agreement

   4.  Click Send

   5.  Sign in to the Microsoft Learning Web site with your Windows Live ID*

   6.  Once you have signed in, click My Learning to see the e-book

*If you have a Hotmail account, MSN e-mail account, or Microsoft Passport, it is your Windows Live ID.On subsequent visits, you can access the book again by following these steps:

   1.  Go to: https://www.microsoftelearning.com/

   2.  Click the Sign In button in the upper right of the page

   3.  Sign in to the Microsoft Learning Web site with your Windows Live ID*

   4.  Click the My Learning link near the top of the page

*If you have a Hotmail account, MSN e-mail account, or Microsoft Passport, it is your Windows Live ID.

10 Cool Things to do with the Powershell
This demo shows some of the neat things you can do with PowerShell with regards to server administration. There are 10 demos you can run through ranging from simple queries for services to enumerating information in Active Directory. Some of the scripts use lists of computers, some prompt for a computername. Each script shows a different thing you can do with PowerShell to quickly create administration scripts.

Clinic 5939: Introducing Server Management in Windows Server®2008 - https://www.microsoftelearning.com/eLearning/courseDetail.aspx?courseId=89391&tab=overview