RPC/HTTP Client Configuration

I have often been asked the question on how to configure RPC over HTTP on the client. Here’s how to do it.


Windows XP Pro (SP1)

Office System 2003


Install the security certificate for your webserver (make sure this has the FQDN of the external address).

Check to see if hotfix Q331320 is installed (Add/Remote Programs). If not, Install the following - Q331320_WXP_SP2_x86_ENU.exe from here.


You now need to make a registry change to allow configuration of Exchange Proxy in Outlook –

Open Notepad and copy and paste the information below. Save and Run it.

--cut below--

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



--cut above--

Configure Outlook

Create another email profile in Outlook (Start/Settings/Control Panel/Mail etc), choose Exchange Server, and type in mailserver.yourdomain.com (internal Mail server name)and your alias in your Username field.

Select More Settings (you will not be able to resolve your alias yet, until you configure Exchange over the Internet settings).

Select the Connection Tab.

Tick Connect to my Exchange mailbox using HTTP.

Configure as per above, then Click OK, then OK then Check Name - this should now resolve your alias and the Exchange Server.

When you fire-up Outlook from a remote site, you will then need to provide domain\user and password (it needs this to authenticate).

If you are setting this up on a new machine that hasn’t been connected to your Lan, The first sync will be slower as it keeps a cached copy of your mailbox on your local machine. (This is enabled by default, you can turn this off).