Spark your ideas into life! Turn your dreams into reality with the best software from Microsoft.


To help accelerate New Zealand web and software start-up companies, we are giving them a great deal on software from Microsoft. Its part of our vision of providing the next generation with the best platform and software we can. To help make new business ideas become reality. There are three programmes designed to do so.

DreamSpark supports breakthrough learning for students. DreamSpark is designed to help tertiary students create the next tech breakthrough, or launch their career with professional level developer and designer tools for free from Microsoft.

BizSpark is all about giving software start-ups a rev-up. If you’re developing software BizSpark will help you take it to the next level. Get tools to build, test and run your applications from Microsoft to use for three years and pay just US$100 at the end.

WebsiteSpark offers tools to develop and design website projects and businesses. Through WebsiteSpark you can also receive Windows Web Server and SQL Server Web Edition from Microsoft.   You can use all the software for three years and pay just US$100 at the end.

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