The Security Compliance Management Toolkit Solution Accelerator

Hi All,

The Security Compliance Management toolkit is designed to help your organization accomplish the following steps for this process:

· Plan how to effectively meet your regulatory compliance requirements

· Deploy a security baseline using the GPOAccelerator tool.

· Monitor your environment's security baseline, and identify baseline settings that change or "drift" from prescribed values.

· Maintain the regulatory compliance state of your environment.

The Security Compliance Management toolkit provides the following resources to help  your organization meet its compliance requirements:

· Best practices for managing the compliance of security baselines in your Windows environment with specific information about how to plan, deploy, monitor, and remediate your security baseline.

· References to prescriptive, tested, end-to-end security guidance from Microsoft for Windows Vista, Windows XP SP2, and Windows Server 2003 SP2.

· The 12 Configuration Packs for you to use with the DCM feature in Configuration Manager 2007 to monitor the compliance state of the security baseline in your environment.

This toolkit provides these important benefits:

· Reduce Complexity. Provides prescriptive guidance and automated tools to scan security baselines and assess compliance for client and server operating systems across your organization.

· Manage Risk. Manage changes to security settings within your Windows® infrastructure that can compromise the integrity of your IT systems.

· Accelerate Deployment and Monitoring. Take advantage of prescriptive security baselines to quickly and easily implement a proactive approach to verify security settings.

· Manage Compliance. Provides a comprehensive view and reports of the security baseline in your environment for Windows Vista®, Windows® XP SP2, and Windows Server® 2003 SP2.

· Reliable Guidance. All security recommendations reflect the combined knowledge of experts, partners and customers, and are fully tested and supported by Microsoft.

· Free. The Security Compliance Management toolkit is available as free downloads from the Microsoft Download Center.

To learn more, download the toolkit from the Microsoft Download Center.