Webcast Series Spotlight: 24 Hours of Windows Server 2008

Hi All, 


Welcome to the Webcast Series Spotlight! I’ve noticed that we are now beginning to create and offer more Webcast Series that target specific technology or specific solutions. So, starting with this announcement, I will periodically be posting these special webcasts that I call “Webcast Series Spotlight.”  

24 Hours of Windows Server 2008

Explore scenarios about virtualization, Web applications, server management, Active Directory, security, and compliance. In the webcast series, 24 Hours of Windows Server 2008, we dive into:

• Hyper-V features, architecture, and management

• configuring terminal server remote programs

• configuring and using TS gateway and TS Web access

• Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 overview, architecture, and advanced management

• Centralized configuration; diagnostics; and Web application support.

You will also learn about security features that use remote location technologies and failover clustering.