Windows Live Linked IDs Shipped

Got multiple Windows Live accounts?  Sick and tired of having to log out and back in again to switch between them?  Well, no more!  You can now link your Windows Live IDs together so you can switch identities in one click from the menu on the top right of most Windows Live pages. 
To set this up, go to and look for the section called Linked Windows Live IDs.  There's a link there to manage your linked IDs and if you click that, you'll get a screen where you can add IDs.

Once you have this done, Sign Out, and then Sign In Again.  When you go to sites like Windows Live Spaces and Windows Live Events, you can click on the top-right of the Windows Live header bar (click on the down arrow next to your name) and you'll be able to instantly switch to any of your linked IDs.

A few quick security notes:

  • Your linked LiveIDs are only as secure as your weakest password.  So, if you have one account with a strong password and one with a weak one, someone can log into the weak one and then switch accounts to the strong one.
  • If one of your accounts is set to have you change your password regularly, or if one of the sites you visit requires a strong password, it will require that you change your password on each linked account.