Commerce Server 2002 Service Pack 4 Released

Commerce Server 2002 SP4 is now live and available for download!  SP4 rolls up all existing QFEs and hotfixes, and can be applied to both CS2002 SP3 and FP1 installations. You can go through the main SP4 Readme document to learn more and also go through the list of bug fixes included with SP4.

An important note on the CS 2002 front is that if you notice that your BizDesk search has stopped working for profiles and orders etc. the likely cause is the security hotfix MS06-061 released yesterday that disables MSXML2 support in IE. You can read more about how to fix this issue by updating your BizDesk site code from this KB article

Earlier versions of BizDesk used to register MSXML2 DLLs; however if you update the ClientSetup.CAB file in your BizDesk with the one included with SP4 the BizDesk setup will not do this for new clients - so that is another reason to go and download SP4 right away!