Next Random Number

I was expecting (and thus using in places) the Random.Next Method (Int32, Int32) to return a random number between the lower and upper limits specified, both inclusive. However I was surprised to discover that actually "the range of return values includes minValue but not MaxValue. "

As a result, doing something like this (in C#) will never return 5:

        Random rand = new Random();
int num = rand.Next(1, 5);

Maybe this is obvious to some, but to me it wasn't and I was intuitively expecting both limits to be inclusive.

The logic behind having this behavior, I would guess, is the presumed familiarity of the C# developer with zero-based access. Since I found it confusing could it instead be a usability issue (we needed to run it by more developers to decide the correct behavior)?

Maybe MSDN documentation needs to start using bold red for words like "not" in such docs.