Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 CTP

Right on the heels of VS 2008 SP1 the VS 2010 CTP is available for download as a Virtual PC 2007 image (so it is HUGE - best to use a tool to download the image).

Check out the new WPF based XML Editor (basically building on top of the new WPF Text Editor) as well as the brand new XML Schema Designer (more of a viewer currently though) which adds to the XML Schema Explorer in Orcas SP1 and add multiple designer views such as a Graph View and a Content Model View to make working with XML Schemas really easy and intuitive.

Here are some screenshots of the improvements that we shipped in this CTP. We would love to hear your feedback about any of these tools.

(New WPF based XML Editor)

(Content Model View of the new XML Schema Designer)


(Graph View of the new XML Schema Designer)