What have I been reading?

A good read for developers: How to be a Programmer: A Short, Comprehensive, and Personal Summary. Check it out here: http://samizdat.mines.edu/howto/HowToBeAProgrammer.html#id2794476.

Other books that I think every developer should read:

As the name suggests, this book provides some great pragmatic advice on programming. It is a very easy read and is helpful resource whenever I feel I'm not sure how to deal with an issue.
This book is a comprehensive guide to how to become a great programmer. It is extensively well researched with great references and wisdom from other books of the same genre. It's thicker than pragmatic programmer, but it is still an easy read. Most of the concepts are explained through powerful metaphors and examples.

These books have a good deal of time tested wisdom. I refer to them every now and then. Every time I pick up these books, I begin to reflect on the way I work, and how to make it better. It reinvigorates me, and increases my productivity - I feel a renewed zeal and passion for my work - improving day-by-day. Go grab a copy, if you don't have one.