Windows live writer

This is my first post using the Windows Live Writer. I found this tool really slick - extremely lightweight, no frills, easy to use. It took me under 5 mins to install it, set my account up and get this post done. It even intelligently downloaded the template used by my blog giving a great WYSIWYG feel.

I tried to insert a screenshot of the app itself. While pasting and laying out the pic on the editing surface was easy, when I begun to publish the post - it complained about the blog not supporting uploading of pictures and configuring an FTP site. I wish it could have warned at the time of posting the pic itself than when I was going to publish it. But I guess they'll improve the experience as the product matures.

While still in Beta, it looks like a really great product. The UI of this application is not very Microsoftish though. It reminds me of the Onfolio tool which was bought over by Microsoft very recently. I think this writer has been created by the same team.

Anyway, lets get to more technical stuff. I have been doing some exciting work recently on unit testing, sharepoint workflows, and visual studio integration. Im getting deep into some interesting Visual C++, COM and mixed mode C++ areas. In my next post I will talk about some inter apartment marshalling issues which I ran into while writing some COM code.