Advanced programming interview questions and answers

Here is a refresh of my posts on advanced programming interview questions and answers


  1. Lost in a Forest of Trees
  2. The Ins and Outs of a Binary Search Tree
  3. Simple Patterns: Singleton Pattern
  4. Simple Patterns: Repository Pattern
  5. Simple Patterns: Factory Pattern
  6. Implement a basic Stack using linked List
  7. Implement a Queue data structure using a linked list
  8. Operator overloading and pairing rules in C#
  9. LINQ Query, Selection, Partial Selections and Aggregations
  10. Explain System.IO and System.IO.Compression namespaces with an example
  11. Explain C# yield keyword with an example
  12. How to store user passwords using variable length random salt bytes with secure SHA512 cryptographic hashing functions
  13. How to Boost your Self-Confidence
  14. Distributed vs Parallel computing
  15. SOA interview questions
  16. Data migration strategies and design patterns