Building 1977 Computer Emulator in Silverlight

In This Sample

· How to build a 1977 PC emulator with Silverlight

· Dynamic image generation

· 25 Games


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More Information

Last Sunday I decided to try and build an x86 (namely the 8086) emulator in Silverlight to play the Digger game.

This turned out to be a more time-consuming job than I expected.

Luckily, one of the first gaming platforms (Chip8/SChip) is relatively very easy to emulate.

Few hours later I had a working prototype already! This is a very good starter for people like me and definitely very exciting!.

Also there are a lot of classics for it – Tetrises, Pacmans, Racing, Pong, even Pipe Dream.


Chip architecture, screen and keyboard: David Winter's Chip8 Emulator Web Site

Source code for the above sample: Download ChipGr8 Source Code