Optimizing WPF 3D scenes for Tier-2 Hardware (roughly Pixel Shader 2.0+)

I just found this very nice blog entry with hints for WPF 3D

Summary of the hints that I found more interesting/not common:

1. Set Viewport3D.IsHitTestVisible to false. It's true by default, which means that hit testing for 3D content is performed on mouse over.

2. GeometryModel3D - prefer using a single large model rather than several models with the same Material and Transform.

3. MeshGeometry3D - to speed up changing individual vertices, detach the mesh from the visual tree.

4. Use Images instead of live 3D text, when the text will not be changing.

5. BitmapEffects force all affected content to be rendered without HW acceleration.

The complete post is here: