TouchDevelop v2.3 for Mango: Pin to start for scripts

Today, the TouchDevelop team is excited to announce the first version of TouchDevelop that was customized for the new Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango). TouchDevelop v2.3 cannot be installed on earlier, not-yet-updated Windows Phone 7.0 devices. You can find all the latest TouchDevelop scripts written and submitted by users like you on

With this TouchDevelop update, we have now implemented the feature that has been requested most often by all of our users: The ability to “pin to start”, to the main phone start screen, any script actions! The update also packs a number of other new features, including new APIs to access more phone sensors and data. Read the release notes to find a list of all new features.

You can install the latest version directly via Zune.

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Pin to start – really

pin2start1pin2start2You can now "pin to start" individual actions of script to the main phone start screen. There are many different ways you can do this: You can tap-and-hold on an action, and then select “pin to start” in the context menu. After you have run an action, you can also tap on new “pin” button in the application bar. You can pin as many actions you want. The pinned actions appear on your main phone start screen.

After you pinned an action, a new state variable called “(action name) tile” will appear in the script. By setting properties of this tile in your code, you can change the way the tile on the phone start screen looks. Take a look at the tiles tutorial script to learn more, or just install and run it.

As a consequence of the new tiles on the phone start screen, we have removed the old separate tiles screen that existed in earlier TouchDevelop versions.



Access to compass, gyroscope, appointments, contacts, clipboard, and more

We added many new APIs in this version. Take a look at these new tutorials to see how you can use them: