TouchDevelop v3.0 beta for Windows Phone 8

imageWe are looking for adventurous mobile app creators. Do you have a device running the latest Windows Phone 8 operating system? Are you a fan of the TouchDevelop app that enables you to create apps directly ON your mobile device? Do you love to try out the latest apps, and give feedback about what you like or wish to see improved?

Then our beta testing program for the upcoming update of the TouchDevelop app is for you! This update will leverage some of the phone sensors and features only available on Windows Phone 8, and it will include all of the new language features which you already might have seen in the TouchDevelop Web App.

This update packs our new editing and execution engine that is powered by TypeScript under the hood. You will enjoy a unified experience between the Windows Phone app and the Web App that runs on most other devices and even your PC. Thanks to the JavaScript Just-In-Time compiler built into the Windows Phone, your scripts will also run faster. There are still some rough edges, but our goal is to make sure that most of your existing scripts run great in the new environment, and that you enjoy coding on the go more than ever. That’s why we want your feedback now.

How to get the Beta

If you want to participate in the beta testing program, send an email to with the following information:

  1. your Microsoft account (,,, or another email address)
  2. which Windows Phone 8 model(s) you own

We will collect this information over the next couple of days, and then invite the first 800 respondents to try out the beta. We might contact you later on again to ask for your feedback.

What about Windows Phone 7, 7.5, 7.8?

The existing TouchDevelop app for Windows Phone will keep working as before on all Windows Phone 7 devices.

Stay in touch

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