What Would Make Debugging Cool?

The Visual Studio Debugger is probably one of the most used dev tools in the world, but what could make it cool and exciting again?

Visual Studio is the #1 dev tool, and regardless of language, they all use the same debugger.  When you hit F5 to run your app, it runs under the debugger.  But who thinks "oh! I wish the debugger could do ____"?  Do you??

What are your thoughts?  What new feature would get you excited about debugging again?  How could VS help you find bugs in your apps faster?  What kinds of programming paradigms are you facing that are tricky to debug?  Multi-threaded apps?  etc

Help change the world of software development!   Who knows?  Hopefully we can improve the VS Debugger if we know more of why types of apps your trying to write that are tough to debug today.

P.S.  I'm not talking to the TDD crowd out there that would argue we should put the debugger out of business, but I'm asking for real constructive feedback, a wish list, for more effective debugging.