Guidelines for when an overseas company needs to install the NZ DST updates

Please see the guidelines below for when to update systems that are based outside NZ.


· Domain Controllers :-  you will need to update all AD domain controller servers if that server has a dual role or is likely to run an application that use the OS to get time zone information.

· Exchange servers:- You will need to update all Exchange Servers with the OS update and the Exchange CDO update at the same time if they use OWA or any 3rdparty application that does CDO calls

· Member Servers: - You will need to update any member server with the OS patch if an application that uses the OS to obtain its timezone information is installed

· Terminal Servers: - You will need to update any terminal server that has outlook installed with the OS patch that. These machines will need to be updated at the same time as the client OS updates are done.

· Client Desktops: - You will need to update a users client workstation (OS patch) and then rebase the users calendar in the remote site if the user in question schedule re-occurring meetings or resources in NZ

· Applications: - Any application that is hosted outside NZ that implements scheduling or calendaring and holds its own timezone information will need to be updated.



· Microsoft recommends that the Daylight savings update is installed on all machines in the environment (Clients and Servers) to reduce any potential issues.