Hack The Classroom 2016

Disrupt. Empower. Transform.



In just 8 days' time, on the 30th Jan at 5am (EST) Microsoft in Education is hosting Hack The Classroom! This is the largest free online digital event that Microsoft has hosted and is to help inspire educators and school leaders worldwide! It'll give you an insight into the latest trends in education and help incorporate new ideas and tools into your classrooms. Don't worry if the 5am start time is a little too early for you, everything will be available on-demand as long as you register for the event!

Included in this event are some truly inspirational speakers. From Hadi Partovil the creator of Code.org and Dale Dougherty, the founder of MAKE Magazine. Both of whom have helped hacked learning spaces across the globe to provide innovative and new experiences for students.


Plus, MIE expert educators Leah Obach from Canada and Jeff Kash from the USA will both be speaking as well. They will be talking about their experiences and giving you tips on how to hack your classrooms to create an improved learning environment. If you have any questions for any of the speakers during the event, feel free to ask them.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn how to hack your way to a more innovative learning environment for your students. Register now!