New tools and services available for educators, now!

We are very excited to announce that we have now added Phonics supports to our Chekhov cloud services and tools – allowing early-grade teachers (and teachers of English as a foreign language) to create free eBook resources which will read themselves aloud to learners on any Windows or Windows Phone device.  Anyone, anywhere can access these Azure-based services and create a new eBook in a matter of minutes. Every book they create can be published as a Windows 8 App, a Windows Phone App and as a free print-on-demand PowerPoint file. Educators (and students) can add their text, illustrations/photos and recorded audio - which will now include narrated audio for the phonemes which construct each word, which as we know is of huge educational value to beginning readers.

  • Download a sample App from Diana Sharp here and encourage your fellow educators to access the free Chekhov tools at the website.
  • For a short video tutorial showing how to use the Chekhov tools to create your own eBooks go here.
  • You can also create an eBook directly from your Windows Phone! Simply download the Chekhov Story Author App here .