See what's APPening in maths and science!

Getting students engaged in maths and science can be difficult at times, right? Luckily, learning apps are here to save the day! Apps are making it easier to get students interested in a subject and passionate about learning. They help take learning to a whole other level by speaking to students in the way that they are used to. Students can now study, play, and interact with apps for a different learning experience.


Microsoft have put together a list of 63 maths and science apps to get you started. Over half of the apps are free, so there's nothing stopping students from downloading and getting involved! Microsoft have also given a guideline on which school level each app caters for, so you can make sure your students are working at the correct level.


And for a limited time, the FluidMath app is free! The normal cost of an annual subscription is $15.99, so download FluidMath now and be sure to tell your math teachers and students to do the same!


For the full list of apps and links directly to the Windows store, download the interactive digital version of the brochure here.