Teachers using OneNote to enhance classroom activities and encourage student creativity!

Students often find creative writing a challenge, right? Not anymore! Using OneNote and other tools, a child can extend their imagination and surprise themselves with their own creativity. OneNote provides a new way to draw the best out of your class!


Mr Dekker, a teacher at St. Andrew's College, gave his Year 6 students the task of creating "Pick a Path" stories using OneNote, and illustrating their creations in Minecraft or Paint.Net. Along the way, Mr Dekker's class were able to read each other's stories and give feedback to their classmates. The result? Students that were fully engaged in a writing task which is often found very difficult.


Take a look at Harry who used Minecraft to improve the quality and creativity of his story. Harry was able to use his imagined world to reflect on his writing and make changes where he thought they were needed.



Mr Dekker's class were already competent OneNote users, however the "Pick a Path" stories posed a new way of using the tool which presented an exciting challenge for the class. To read the full story from St Andrew's College, go here.


The creativity of students is astounding, but sometimes it takes tools like OneNote to help them reach their full potential!


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