Yammer Enterprise now included in Office 365 Education plans!

As of 7th July, Yammer Enterprise was made available to all academic institutions at no additional cost. Yammer basic was always available for free as an enterprise social network option but did not allow for granular management of this environment as many organisations require.

Yammer Enterprise is now free under Office 365 for Education A2, A3 & A4 plans! The Office 365 A2 plan is the free plan available for staff and students. Our Office 365 for Education offering was recently enhanced with additional no-cost Office application downloads for students through Student Advantage and will now include Yammer Enterprise. All existing Office 365 Education plan schools will receive licenses for Yammer Enterprise.

So what is Yammer Enterprise?

Yammer Enterprise is an enterprise social networking platform providing seamless, open sharing, and cross collaboration within your school. It is a transformational technology which has changed the way students and staff work. It promotes sharing ideas, thoughts, finding information and asking questions to innovate and collaborate.
The possibilities for using Yammer in education are endless. Here just a few scenarios that might help get
the ideas going:
·       Classroom/Teacher/Campus collaboration – teacher to student, student to student, mentoring, questions, announcements
·       Departmental collaboration – professor sharing, collaboration, information sharing
·       Projects – project information, graduate student projects, sharing of ideas
·       IT helpdesk – questions, information sharing
·       Research – sharing ideas, working cross teams, working with external parties securely
·       Alumni – Alumni collaboration, announcements, jobs
·       External collaboration with researchers, companies, other universities/schools.

If I have an existing Office 365 Education tenant what do I have to do to get Yammer Enterprise?

If you already have A2 or A3 academic skus enabled the ‘Yammer Enterprise’ license will just appear in your tenant. You do not have to order anything additional to make this work.  You still have to activate Yammer within your Office 365 Education tenant. See steps here and Activation FAQ here.


In light of this announcement we'd encourage you to visit the official blog post and a number resources
available below:
·       Microsoft in Education Blog - A view of the mobile Yammer applications available for iOS, Android,
Windows and a handy FAQ
·       Yammer Enterprise Activation Guide – A good overview for IT administrators to help you through
activating your Yammer network.
·       If you’re using SharePoint 2013 on premise you can integrate with Yammer Enterprise to provide
an enhanced social experience with SharePoint 2013 SP1.
·       The Yammer app for SharePoint that was released in July embeds Yammer feeds into SharePoint
sites (similar to the Yammer web part that is available for SharePoint 2010 & 2007). The Yammer
app for SharePoint is available free of charge in the Office Store.
·       If you’d like to understand the Yammer Enterprise service compliance roadmap regarding security,
compliance and privacy we can provide the list of plans for Yammer key standards and
·       Find out how other tertiary education institutions are using Yammer to improve engagement
on the Yammer customer success web site.

If you have any other questions, please contact your IT Partner.