You're invited to participate in the Global Skype-a-Thon!

Microsoft Global Education Skype-a-Thon
Join the global movement December 3rd and 4th to
celebrate learning without borders!

At Microsoft, we believe a powerful way to learn is from each other. That’s why we are empowering students and educators around the globe to do just that. On December 3 and 4, Microsoft is hosting a Global Education Skype-a-Thon to celebrate learning without borders. Over the 48 hours, participants will contribute to help reach a goal of one million virtual miles travelled.

We invite educators to schedule a Skype call in their classrooms or schools with one of hundreds of guest speakers, virtual field trip partners or other classrooms around the world to play Mystery Skype.

How to get involved.

It’s easy, and most of all, your participation will help us collectively reach our goal of one million virtual miles travelled!

Step 1: Go to the Skype-a-Thon site where you will enter our resources page for educators. If this is your first time visiting our site, you will be asked to create your profile. By doing so we can easily connect you up with other schools, and best of all, you will become a member of our Microsoft educator community providing you access to professional development, lesson plans, discussion boards and product training.

Step 2: Select the type of Skype call you would like to make. You will be presented with three choices

  • Play Mystery Skype – The global guessing game between two classrooms that gets kids learning about geography, culture, and the similarities and differences of how children live all over the world.
  • Talk with a guest speaker – Connect your class up with volunteer guest speakers from around the world on a wide variety of subjects.
  • Take a virtual field trip – Take your students on an adventure without leaving the classroom.

Make sure to schedule your call on either December 3rd or 4th so you can be part of our Global Education Skype-a-Thon.

Step 3: Have your Skype call on December 3rd or 4th 2015.

Step 4: After your call, post a creative photo on Twitter or Instagram showing the distance you travelled. Tag it with #skypeathon so everyone can see how your call helped reach the goal of one million virtual miles. We will update the Skype-a-Thon site regularly with our progress. 

Need Help?

You can contact the Skype-a-Thon team. Also, take a look at the Sway which shares some examples of the calls you can make and steps on how to get started. 

In today’s world, we benefit from technology connecting students to limitless amounts of content and knowledge. We are creating citizens of the world from early years and a channel to share ideas, innovation and expertise across borders. Let’s make this Skype-a-Thon an amazing example of the power of learning without borders.