Beckhoff to integrate their Industrial Automation tools in VS 2010


Beckhoff is a well know player of the Industrial Automation industry. They have been providing Microsoft based Real Time and Industrial Automation solutions for over 10 years and are brilliantly sticking to the latest innovations and enhancements of the PC world.

Beckhoff just announced the future release of TwinCat 3, an “eXtended Automation” version of its real-time machine control software introduced in 1996. The package will be ready for a Beta release at Hannover Fair 2010, and as a full product by the end of 2010.

The key features of this release are:

  • All Industrial Automation tools integrated into VS2010
  • Possibility to code C++ for cyclic logic – also the traditionally PLC languages are integrated into VS2010
  • New custom native code debugger for Visual Studio that enables debugging applications running within the Beckhoff real-time runtime environment
    • The real-time runtime environment executes industrial automation applications on WinXP/Win7/WinCE in kernel mode.
      The debugger is capable of debugging these applications without using WinDbg.
    • Breakpoints and variable monitoring are already implemented
    • A online watch window enables variable monitoring while the application is running (not only while stopping on a breakpoint)
  • Customers can implement  deterministic runtime modules in different languages (C++ / PLC languages / Mathlab-Simulink ..) - each module can call whatever other module
  • Each module can be configured to run deterministically on specific CPU cores (supporting up to 255 cores today!)

To learn more about this announcement, read this.