Discover the Windows Embedded Experience

This is the title of a great blog on which Windows Embedded experts post really interesting posts (I am not only talking about this great picture of me at Canalys ;-)).

Damian Barnett (from Elektrobit) and his team have recently created this blog dedicated to Windows Embedded developers, so go and find tips and tricks, news and a bunch of interesting things about Windows Embedded products. This is a must be in your RSS feeds list!

By the way, there is a story around this picture taken of me preparing the demo for the Canalys Navigation Forum keynote: I was told that the dressing code for this event was... not casual! Too bad: I don't have much suits and ties as I spent my last 9 years as a developer and developer evangelist wearing mostly jeans and T-shirts to go to work and meeting customers or presenting at events (and even shorts since I moved to Redmond :-))... You all know about the technical mojo you loose when wearing suit, tie and so... And in addition to the fact I don't have much of these, I am really not comfortable wearing them... However I brought some nice pants and shirt to wear for the keynote presentation: my wedding's ones! Come on, I am sure I am not the only one who choose his wedding suit to be wearable after the marriage!