Imagine Cup Embedded Development Finalists

At the moment I am writing this post, there might be a designated winner for each category of the Imagine Cup.

But all participants did a really good job and there were some amazing projects in the Embedded Development category. Here is the list of the Embedded Development finalists:

  • China – Wings
    • Team Members: Shibiao Xu, Junjie Li, Zhongjie Wang, Lei Yan
  • Ireland – Acid Rain
    • Team Members: Brian Byrne, Aodhan Coffey, Karl O’Dyer
  • Korea – Here Rose
    • Team Members: Hyon Lim, Aram So
  • Poland – Aero@PUT
    • Team Members: Piotr Kryger, Mikołaj Małaczyński, Jakub Pawłowski, Piotr Slęzak
  • Singapore – Trail Blazers
    • Team Members: Pinto James Dominic, Shi Ben Yong, Hu Shuhan, Denver Lim
  • Ukraine – Sun Round Sky Around
    • Team Members: Tsopa Oleksandra, Makovetskiy Sergey, Tkalich Inna

And there you will find a great video of the project of the team from Ireland on Channel 8: