Industrial Automation demo

Here is a demo I have building with some colleagues and a designer for ESV Silicon Valley Keynote.
It shows how you can leverage Windows Embedded technologies in solutions from sensors to servers. A Windows CE real time device controls a robot arm. Using DPWS discovery, a WPF user interface running on a Windows Embedded Standard touch panel can detect the CE device on a Network and take control of the robot arm (the WPF user interface has been developed by Anthony from Magenic who did a great job by the way!). But this is not it. The CE device can discover on the Network, still using DPWS protocol a Windows Embedded Server hosting a database so that all the data coming form the robot arm sensors can be stored for offline analysis. Using a laptop data can be accessed on a Silverlight pageā€¦ see the video:

Move Me, Baby! Real Time Robot Sensors to Servers Demo