Silverlight for Windows Embedded demo

Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 provides support for Silverlight for Windows Embedded. This means you can build Silverlight User Interfaces for your Windows CE devices. Silverlight for Windows Embedded is different to the Web version of in the way you program for it. While for the Web you use XML and .Net, for the Windows Embedded version you will you XAML and C++, no need for .Net.

You can find more details about this feature in previous posts.

Here is a demo that has been showed recently that highlights the type of UI you can build. I don’t read or speak Korean, still the video is interesting :-). If you do read Korean, I recommend this blog: This demo is a prototype, reason why you still see the Windows Shell and the taskbar, but obviously on a release device you would not even have any sort of Windows Shell in your build, the media application would be the shell in this case. This has been developed really rapidly and all the design has been done using Expression Blend.

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