TechEd_EMEA_180_SeeYouThere_DEV The Windows Embedded group of Microsoft has promised a greater presence at TechEd. Well TechEd EMEA developers  will be hosting a huge Embedded Track this year! More than 20 sessions will be delivered by experts covering all the Windows Embedded products along with some sessions on the .Net Microframework.

We will also have a great booth where you will discover cool devices and have the opportunity to ask all the questions you might have to our experts.

I will be there presenting 2 breakout sessions and 2 interactive sessions.
Here are the abstracts for these sessions. If you have any input about these sessions or specific points you would like to see covered during the interactive sessions, let me know.

Windows Embedded CE and Robotics
Want to learn how to develop your own robot running Windows Embedded CE, using Visual Studio and the Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio? Or maybe you’d like to know how Windows Embedded CE, as a real time embedded operating system, addresses the needs of the industrial robotics domain? Then this session is for you! Come and see cool live demos with real robots!

Introduction to Windows Embedded NavReady
Have you ever used a GPS device? Did you ever wish it could give you the right info, at the right moment, in the right place? Come and discover Windows Embedded NavReady, the system that will run the next generation of Personal Navigation Devices and enable exciting new usage scenarios. During this session, you will learn about NavReady and the tools developers can leverage to implement Bluetooth scenarios, Live Search on Devices, MSN Direct…

Windows Embedded: Forget the OS (interactive session)
Embedded devices are becoming increasingly common. Whether you realize it not, you use them every day (when you withdraw cash at an ATM, when you refuel your car, when you pay with your credit card, when you drive, when you listen to music, …). In a market evolving at an incredible speed, and in an era of connectivity, device manufacturers need tools to quickly develop smart, rich, connected and service-oriented devices. Windows Embedded is a family of products providing these manufacturers the tools they need to spend their time and efforts on their value, rather than on reinventing the wheel. This interactive session will show you, through concrete demos, what the developer experience is when developing a Windows Embedded device and what the tools have to offer.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Windows Embedded But Were Afraid to Ask (interactive session)
The title of this session speaks for itself! If you’re developing devices running Windows Embedded and/or have questions you’d like to ask the Microsoft Embedded experts, you won’t want to miss this session.