The Future of Enterprise Handheld Devices

Just back from TechEd North America, I am putting together my report and as part of it, I am listing all the different feedback I received from partners, customers, MVPs. One of the comment I heard the most was about the unknown future of the Enterprise business for handheld devices as Windows Phone seems to be moving towards a model that doesn’t meet the requirements of this specific industry (native code development, software access to the hardware, app platform supported on older versions of the OS…). Windows Phone 7 proposes a different approach, aimed at providing the final user an optimized user experience, with a sandboxed app platform. But OEMs such as Motorola, Intermec, Symbol building handheld terminals such as those you see daily in warehouse, when receiving a packet and signing for it, when passing an order in a restaurant,… cannot consider switching to Windows Phone 7 and so far were not clear on how Microsoft would continue to support them or not. Here is the answer directly from Steve Ballmer:

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