Why Embedded has become cool (again)

I just read this interesting blog post from David Stewart from Intel and I am very excited as I totally share the idea that Embedded Computing is about to get a whole lot bigger than it had ever been, and I dare to say that it will also become at least as big as PC Computing has been so far.

The consumer space (portable media players, connected TVs, STB, …) is an obvious market where you can already see the impact of Embedded Computing.

Other markets are in mutation… think about it… the Point of Service devices you use daily (self check-in kiosks in airports, ATMs, self check-out cash registers are now fully connected, they exploit Cloud services, interact with other devices. Digital Signage is evolving really fast, providing customized ads leveraging sensors and could services to recognize consumers profiles… And what about your car and the infotainment and maintenance systems you have onboard? And what about handheld devices used to take orders in restaurants, used to deal with shipment processes, used to managed warehouses items?

Any thoughts on this?