Windows Embedded CE6.0 Real time numbers and proofing demo

We had numbers demonstrating that the previous version of Windows CE (version 5.0) was meeting the hard real time requirements but so far we couldn’t “prove” the latest version (Windows Embedded CE  6.0) is also Hard Real Time. This is now done thing with this independent real time analysis completed by Dedicated Systems Experts. You can find their report here.

You can read details on Mike’s blog over here.

And here is a proofing demo built by Beckhoff. This demo is an inversed pendulum, a classical real time demo. the pendulum is controlled by an Intel Celeron with 256 MB DDR-RAM running Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2. The application runs PLC logic at 500µs cycle time and controls the motion of the pendulum. in this case the definition of the Windows CE acronym can be Cool Eh!

Video: Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Real-Time Beckhoff Demo