"There was a problem connecting to OneDrive. Check your Internet connection, and then try again"



When syncing with Next Generation Sync Client, users receive the message:


"There was a problem connecting to OneDrive. Check your Internet connection, and then try again".


"There was a problem signing you in. There's a problem with your account. To learn how to fix this problem, go to OneDrive.com and sign in. After you fix the problem, try again".



1. The users personal site have a number appended to it. 


        The URL should look like this - https://domain-my.sharepoint.com/personal/user\_tenant\_c
        The URL should not look like this - https://domain-my.sharepoint.com/personal/user\_tenant\_co

2. The firewall is blocking OneDrive.

3. You have OneDrive for Business version 17.3.6378, on OSX version 10.11.x (El Capitan).

4. Intune is enabled.


1. Make sure the latest version of OneDrive is installed - https://aka.ms/installodb

2. Ensure that a firewall is not blocking ODB


If using a firewall, you will need to have a variety of URLS whitelisted so that ODB can sync properly.

 In particular, among all of the other items listed in the article below, you will want to ensure that the firewall is not missing  a whitelist entry for https://*.windows.net  

Office 365 URLs and IP address ranges

https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Office-365-URLs-and-IP-address-ranges-8548a211-3fe7-47cb-abb1-355ea5aa88a2 - lists the URL and IP ranges that need to be kept open on the firewall

3. Install the updated OneDrive version (17.3.6389.0415) from the Apple Store - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/onedrive/id823766827?mt=12

4. Disable Intune

- Go to the Intune admin portal here: https://manage.microsoft.com/microsoftintune/home (Note: You have to be a Global O365 Admin in order to log into the Intune Portal)

- Select Policy

- SharePoint Device Policy

- For Windows PCs: Uncheck the "Windows must meet the following requirements" option.






In the Admin Portal, select Mobile Management. 


If you see the a "Let's get started" link on the "Set up Mobile Device Management for Office 365" page, then Intune is not enabled.