New Media Features in PowerPoint 2010

The PowerPoint team has made several posts to their team blog about new media features coming in Office 2010. Here is an excerpt from Allen Huang on the PowerPoint team:


One of our pillars for PowerPoint 2010 has been crafting a multimedia experience that allows users to effectively harness the storytelling power of audio and video content. With improvements in bandwidth, computing power, and media devices, we’re seeing media – particularly video – used in all walks of life to enrich communication. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback on PowerPoint’s video capabilities over the years, and we’re very excited about the features we’re rolling out in 2010 to make this experience not only dependable, but pleasurable too.

You can find more details (and a video overview) in Allen’s post here. In addition, there’s a post on trimming your media right from within PowerPoint, and another on brand new multimedia features which allow you to easily share and present media-rich presentations on other computers.