Exchange Online Q? Email - Check for Sensitive Info, Send for Approval, then Encrypt

Tests as on 11 November 2014


A configuration to process all emails and,

  1. If the email is found to have Sensitive Information (like SSN, DEA number etc. IP Address in this example.), send it for approval before being delivered to the recipient.

  2. If approved, apply Office 365 Message Encryption, before delivery.


Here's how it is working.

  1. Created a mailflow rule to check for Condition 1, and if the email meets criteria – send for approval.

    If sensitive information types like SSN or ITIN are defined in this condition, policy tips can be activated.

  2. Created a second mailflow rule with the next priority to encrypt any email that meets Condition 1.



Screenshot 1 – My test policy tips get activated for IP Addresses




Screenshot 2 – Approval Request.




Screenshot 3 – Final Message in Recipient's Mailbox – Encrypted.




Screenshot 4 – Rule 1




Screenshot 5 – Rule 2





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