Introducing the Telemetry Dashboard Administration Tool, Tdadm.exe, and two new TechNet articles about Telemetry Dashboard

Learn about the new Telemetry Dashboard Administration Tool (Tdadm.exe) and two new TechNet articles about Telemetry Dashboard.

We are pleased to announce that the Telemetry Dashboard Administration Tool (Tdadm.exe) is now available in the Microsoft Download Center. You can use this tool to:

  • Manage the list of built-in file names and programmatic identifiers (ProgIDs)
  • Clean up unused user, solution, and computer data
  • Copy or move telemetry data to another database
  • Delete telemetry data
  • Obfuscate telemetry data
  • Grant permissions to the telemetry database
  • Replace tags (label) names within the database
  • Change database settings, such as including or excluding built-in files, or changing the reporting threshold to show only files that are used by multiple users

Download Tdadm and visit the Tdadm TechNet wiki for usage information.

We also have two new articles about Telemetry Dashboard on TechNet.

  • Monitor Office compatibility and deployments by using Telemetry Dashboard explains how to view the stability of Office documents and solutions and the status of your Office deployments. Think of this as a beginner’s guide for using Telemetry Dashboard.
  • Telemetry Dashboard worksheet reference describes the columns in every Telemetry Dashboard worksheet. You can also find sample screen shots that will give you an idea of the kinds of data that Telemetry Dashboard shows. (Note: Some of the screen shots are wider than the TechNet window shows, so use your right and left arrow keys to scroll to see the full image.)