New articles in the Office Resource Kit

The Office Resource Kit team has recently published the following articles:

Deploying 2007 Office software updates with System Center Configuration Manager 2007 ( Learn about how to use System Center Configuration Manager 2007 to create and deploy packages for 2007 Office system software updates.

This article provides information about the prerequisites for deploying software updates with Configuration Manager 2007. It includes procedures that show how to perform the following tasks to deploy Office software updates, using 2007 Microsoft Office System Service Pack 1 as an example:

· Configure properties for software updates synchronization.

· Synchronize the software update point.

· Select the 2007 Office system updates to deploy to the target collections you define.

· Create an update list in Software Updates.

· Create a deployment and deployment package for your Office updates.

· Confirm that the Office updates have been distributed to a distribution point.

Best practices for maintaining the 2007 Office system ( Learn about methods for customizing and maintaining Office installations:

· Using the Config.xml file for the following post-installation tasks:

· Maintenance Mode operations (Add or Remove Features)

· Repair

· Remove

Instructions are included for modifying the Config.xml file and configuring different feature states in the Config.xml file.

· Using the Office Customization Tool (OCT) for maintenance. Run the OCT to make changes to existing installations.

· Identify which products are installed

· Modify an OCT MSP customization file

· Determine which 2007 Office system products are updated by an OCT MSP customization patch

· Install the OCT MSP customization patch

· Using Setup command-line options for maintenance. Use Setup.exe command-line options to perform the following maintenance tasks:

· Modify an existing installation

· Repair an existing installation

· Uninstall a product

- Patty Nicholson