Daylight Savings Time (DST) Updates for SharePoint

The August 2011 Cumulative Update for SharePoint Foundation (2010, 2007) contains the following Daylight Saving Time (DST) changes:


Russian Time Zones:

  • A new time zone has been created for Kaliningrad with display name “ (UTC+3:00) Kaliningrad”. This time zone does not support Daylight Saving Time.
  • Support for Daylight Saving Time has been discontinued and UTC offsets have been updated for time zones listed in the table below:


   Time Zone



Russian Standard Time

(UTC +3:00) Moscow, St  Petersburg, Volgograd

(UTC +4:00) Moscow, St  Petersburg, Volgograd

Ekaterinburg Standard Time

(UTC +5:00) Ekaterinburg

(UTC +6:00) Ekaterinburg

N. Central Asia Standard Time

(UTC +6:00) Novosibirsk

(UTC +7:00) Novosibirsk

North Asia Standard Time

(UTC +7:00) Krasnoyarsk

(UTC +8:00) Krasnoyarsk

North Asia East Standard Time

(UTC +8:00) Irkutsk

(UTC +9:00) Irkutsk

Yakutsk Standard Time

(UTC +9:00) Yakutsk

(UTC +10:00) Yakutsk

Vladivostok Standard Time

(UTC +10:00) Vladivostok

(UTC +11:00) Vladivostok

Magadan Standard Time

(UTC +11:00) Magadan

(UTC +12:00) Magadan


It also contains 2011-adjusted DST start and end dates for the following time zones:

  • Fiji Standard Time
  • Samoa Standard Time

In addition to these changes, the August 2011 CU update rolls up the DST changes that were previously released in the June 2011 CU:

KB2553931 - includes 2011 DST changes for Egypt (DST cancellation), Namibia, Magadan & Israel.

If you'd like to keep track of regular updates in this area, you can get updates and information at the Daylight Saving Time Help and
Support Center