Survey: What kind of Access, Excel, Outlook, and Word developer documentation helps you?

Our Office Dev Docs Team blog has been laying low while the team is heads-down authoring new content for our developers.

Would you like to indicate the top 4 types of documentation that you find most helpful to you?

  1. Conceptual - what is the feature for, how does it work, why would one want to extend this feature?
  2. Conceptual - gives the basic info enough to get one started
  3. Conceptual - best practices for extending the feature
  4. Code samples - step by step walkthrough for how to create a simple example that extends the feature
  5. Code samples - short samples that show how to use specific facets of the feature
  6. Code samples - complex code samples for very specific scenarios
  7. Code samples - videos describing specific examples
  8. Reference - individual topics for each API

You can reply with a prioritized list, from most useful to least useful to you. For example, you are just interested in seeing how things work and trying it out before you do any more reading, you can reply: 4,5,7,8. Let's see if we can use some of your responses in the next month to help us plan for future documentation!