Office, SharePoint, and Exchange Server Protocol Documentation Updates — July, 2016

Over the past few months, we released one new Open Specifications document and published several releases for bug fixes, new functions, and changes to the Product Behavior list in OneNote-related docs. As always, specific changes to the technical content are indicated in the Change Tracking section at the end of each document. The new and updated documents are listed below.

In addition to the document releases, we released a new user interface for the individual document landing pages. The new UI includes PDF and DOCX links to the published and previous versions of the documents. It also includes an RSS subscription and information about preview versions and development resources. As of the date of this post, most of the document pages have been updated with the new UI:
Office Protocols: [MS-H264PF]: RTP Payload Format for H.264 Video Streams Extensions

[MS-ICE2]: Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) Extensions 2.0

[MS-OBPAS]: Office Broadcast Presentation Service

[MS-QoE]: Quality of Experience Monitoring Server Protocol

[MS-RTP]: Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) Extensions

[MS-SIPREGE]: Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Registration Extensions

[MS-STWEB]: Microsoft OneDrive Save to Web SOAP Web Service

[MS-TURN]: Traversal Using Relay NAT (TURN) Extensions

[MS-WOPI]: Web Application Open Platform Interface Protocol

Office File Formats: [MS-ONE]: Office File Formats OneNote File Format

[MS-ONESTORE]: OneNote Revision Store File Format

[MS-QDEFF]: Query Definition File Format

[MS-QDEIF]: Query Definition Interoperability Format NEW!!

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Standards Support: [MS-OE376]: Office Implementation Information for ECMA-376 Standards Support

[MS-PPTX]: PowerPoint (.pptx) Extensions to the Office Open XML File Format

SharePoint Products and Technologies Protocols: [MS-ADR]:  SharePoint Access Services Data Run Time Protocol

[MS-COPYS]: Copy Web Service Protocol

[MS-CSOMSPT]: SharePoint Client-Side Object Model Protocol

[MS-DWSS]: Document Workspace Web Service Protocol

[MS-ESURL]: SharePoint Excel Services Publishing Protocol

[MS-EXSPWS]: SharePoint Excel Calculation Web Service Protocol

[MS-EXSPWS3]: SharePoint Excel Calculation Web Service Version 3 Protocol

[MS-EXSPXML3]: SharePoint Excel Calculation Version 2 Web Service XML Schema

[MS-FORMS]: Forms Service Protocol

[MS-FSSHTTP]: File Synchronization via SOAP over HTTP Protocol

[MS-FSSHTTPB]: Binary Requests for File Synchronization via SOAP Protocol

[MS-FSSHTTPD]: Binary Data Format for File Synchronization via SOAP

[MS-LISTSWS]: Lists Web Service Protocol

[MS-OFBA]: Office Forms Based Authentication Protocol

[MS-SHDACCWS]: Shared Access Web Service Protocol

[MS-SQP2]: SharePoint MSSearch Query Version 2 Protocol

[MS-WDVMODUU]: Office Document Update Utility Extensions

[MS-WEBSS]: Webs Web Service Protocol

[MS-WMCSOM]: SharePoint Work Management Client-Side Object Model Protocol

[MS-WMS]: SharePoint Work Management Service Web Service Protocol

[MS-WSSCAML]: Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML) Structure

[MS-WSSCAP]: Windows SharePoint Services Collaborative Application Protocol

[MS-WSSFO]: SharePoint Windows SharePoint Services (WSS): File Operations Database Communications Protocol

[MS-WSSFO2]: SharePoint Windows SharePoint Services (WSS): File Operations Database Communications Version 2 Protocol

[MS-WSSHP]: HTTP Windows SharePoint Services Headers Protocol

[MS-WSSREST]: ListData Data Service Protocol

Exchange Server Protocols: [MS-OXCFOLD]: Folder Object Protocol

[MS-OXCFXICS]: Bulk Data Transfer Protocol

[MS-OXCMAPIHTTP]: Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) Extensions for HTTP

[MS-OXCNOTIF]: Core Notifications Protocol

[MS-OXCPERM]: Exchange Access and Operation Permissions Protocol

[MS-OXCROPS]: Remote Operations (ROP) List and Encoding Protocol

[MS-OXCSTOR]: Store Object Protocol

[MS-OXCTABL]: Table Object Protocol

[MS-OXDISCO]: Autodiscover HTTP Service Protocol

[MS-OXDSCLI]: Autodiscover Publishing and Lookup Protocol

[MS-OXMSG]: Outlook Item (.msg) File Format

[MS-OXOCNTC]: Contact Object Protocol

[MS-OXORMMS]: Rights-Managed Email Object Protocol

[MS-OXORULE]: Email Rules Protocol

[MS-OXOSMMS]: Short Message Service (SMS) and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) Object Protocol

[MS-OXPROPS]: Exchange Server Protocols Master Property List

[MS-OXPROTO]: Exchange Server Protocols System Overview

[MS-OXRTFCP]: Rich Text Format (RTF) Compression Algorithm

[MS-OXSHRMSG]: Sharing Message Attachment Schema

[MS-OXSMTP]: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Extensions

[MS-OXWOAB]: Offline Address Book (OAB) Retrieval File Format

[MS-OXWSARCH]: Archiving Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSATT]: Attachment Handling Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSBTRF]: Bulk Transfer Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSCDATA]: Common Web Service Data Types

[MS-OXWSCEXT]: Client Extension Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSCONT]: Contacts Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSCONV]: Conversations Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSCORE]: Core Items Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSEDISC]: Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery) Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSFOLD]: Folders and Folder Permissions Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSGNI]: Nonindexable Item Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSMSG]: Email Message Types Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSMSHR]: Folder Sharing Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSMTGS]: Calendaring Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSMTRK]: Message Tracking Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSPERS]: Persona Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSPHOTO]: Photo Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSSRCH]: Mailbox Search Web Service Protocol

[MS-OXWSSYNC]: Mailbox Contents Synchronization Web Service Protocol

[MS-XLOGIN]: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) AUTH LOGIN Extension

[MS-XOAUTH]: OAuth 2.0 Authorization Protocol Extensions