Business Objects are cooler than you think

I think it was Paul Stovell's article on Validation in WPF that got me started. The article is amazing and has inspired a lot of my thoughts on what to do with binding in v-next.

Paul mentioned CSLA. I wasn't familiar. I dug in. Found Rockford Lhotka. Then I found Expert C# 2005 Business Objects.

Great book! (at least as of page 53).

I figured if we're going to build a foundation that allows easy use of business objects, I'd better understand them deeply.

An interesting nugget from the book: the philosophical difference between a relational model and a object model (at least according to Rockford).

Relational model: all about data. Should always strive for data normalization--reduce duplication of data.
Object model: all about behavior. Should always strive for behavior normalization--reduce duplication of behavior.

Things I rarely think about. I'll let you know if I get any other cool nuggets as I read.

Any other good resources on the topic that you know?

Hope ya'll had a good weekend.