About Microsoft Online Concierge

Our vision:

Enable people contact Microsoft with the best online experience and chat services.

Online Concierge is:

- Resource locator. We help you locate the right information online, or point you to the right directions with rich resources.

- Advisor. Provide general guidance with Microsoft resource and information.

- Establish a connection

We serve:

Worldwide customers (speak English only) MSDN/TechNet/Partners/Middle-Sized Business/ Small Business

Products covered:

As a resource locator and provide world wide support. Each team member is a researcher in helping you locate the right information our customers need. We help you locate the information on Windows, Servers, Offices, Exchange, System Center, Virtualization, Solution Finder, Partner Resource locator, Pricing information, Cooperate Information and etc. As you can name it, we can locate it.


- First Online Chat Support Team in GCR and APGC

- Pioneers in serving MSDN/TechNet/Partners worldwide with no distinguish (starting year FY06)